National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens Inc. (NIAASC)

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Mission of the National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens (NIAASC) is to serve as the leading national information, referral and advocacy organization committed to the well-being and quality of life of Indo-Americans in their senior years. The objectives include: creating awareness of Indo-American senior issues and needs; providing information on issues and services; advocacy at the local, state and national levels on seniors' issues; forging collaborations with public and private service providers; providing advisory support to Indian community, business and professional groups in developing senior programs and services; educating the public through workshops, conferences and seminars to address senior issues; and working with Indian and other groups to collect and store information regarding senior issues and problems.




Any organization or group that subscribes to the mission and objectives of NIAASC and finds them compatible with their mission and objectives can become a chapter of NIAASC if it meets the following conditions:

      - Has at least 20 members actively involved in its activities related to seniors;

      - Has developed formal Constitution and Bylaws, or Procedures of Operation;

      - Has an elected Board or Advisory Council (names are generic);

      - Has been in operation at least for one year.

The Organization should be a not for profit entity. It may or may not be incorporated. The group could also be a committee of an established not for profit 501C3 organization with the main focus on seniors of Indian origin. In such a situation the parent entity would be the chapter of NIAASC and the subsidiary group will be recognized by NIAASC for its involvement with seniors. In certain situations NIAASC will help an informal group to initiate a chapter from inception, if there are at least five individuals interested in a cohesive way to form a chapter.




NIAASC will discharge its responsibilities within the framework of its constitution and bylaws. The chapter will follow the same process. NIAASC can help the chapter in the following manner and the chapter will reciprocate, wherever applicable:

      - Exchange information in a manner conducive to a positive understanding and growth;

- NIAASC will assist the chapter in its initiation efforts, if needed. It will also provide assistance in developing constitution & bylaws or procedures of operation;

- NIAASC will refer all inquiries received through its toll free telephone or correspondence to the  chapter if the geographic area of the caller falls within the chapter operation. It will also assist  the chapter in addressing concerns of callers by identifying resources in that region;

- The chapter will maintain a roster of its members, and will transmit any appropriate news from NIAASC to them;

- NIAASC will have a column in its newsletter for ‘news from chapters’ and expects the chapter, if it publishes a newsletter, to have a similar column for ‘news from NIAASC'

- The chapter will identify its NIAASC membership by displaying the NIAASC logo, a proper notation ‘member of NIAASC’ or printing on its letterhead ‘chapter of NIAASC.’

      - The chapter and NIAASC will have complete independence in their operations. Each will be exempt from           any kind of liability likely to arise from any published information or activity undertaken. NIAASC and/or its           Board members will not have any liability because of the action of chapter, including an activity undertaken       by the chapter in collaboration with NIAASC. Same exemption will apply to the chapter;   

      - NIAASC can act as an administrative or fiscal management agent for a fee to be negotiated between the            two parties through a memorandum of understanding;

      - Any grant or funding allocated to the chapter by a private or public entity can be channeled through NIAASC    for a 15% administrative or fiscal fee. A request for funding by the chapter will reflect this arrangement to       seek administrative fee from the funding agency.

      - The geographic boundaries for a chapter will be determined case by case, but underlying principle will be not to have another chapter within 50 miles of radius of an existing chapter.




NIAASC has adopted a fee structure for its membership from individuals and organizations in its bylaws. It is assumed that a chapter will also have a fee structure for its membership in its bylaws or procedures of operation. If the chapter is not an incorporated body it can enroll members for NIAASC (minimum 5-year membership – currently $40.00). Of the membership dues so collected by NIAASC, 25% will be allocated for the benefit of the chapter. If the chapter is an incorporated not for profit entity, it may not enroll members for NIAASC.

Each chapter will have a voting representative on the General Body of NIAASC, whose selection will be determined by the chapter. The number of representatives on the NIAASC General Body will be determined according to the formula stipulated herewith:

If the chapter has 50 or fewer members in good standing, it will have one vote in the General body;   

If its membership is 51 but less than 150 it will have two votes;

            If the membership is 151 but less than 300, it will have three votes; and

            If the membership exceeds 300 it will have four voting representatives.

Each chapter will certify its membership and submit the certification to NIAASC along with the name(s) of voting representative(s) 

In order to maintain an ongoing communication between NIAASC and the chapter the chapter will be obligated to pay $20.00 per voting representative per year. The annual dues will range from $20.00 to $80.00 depending on the chapter membership.




An entity could request a membership application from NIAASC and submit it with appropriate enclosures to NIAASC. The enclosures will be: Copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, Officers of the Organization, Membership in Good Standing, its affirmation to the NIAASC mission and objectives, and its membership certification. If a chapter is being initiated in collaboration with NIAASC, then the information required will already be available with NIAASC. Enrollment of chapter, if approved by the Board of Directors of NIAASC, will be effective following January 1 and will be good for a calendar year.

After receiving the complete application the NIAASC Board will review it and seek any additional information if so necessitated. The application will be submitted in triplicate but there will be only one set of enclosures. Approval process may take 3-6 months. It will be therefore advisable to submit the application in early summer.