National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens (NIAASC)
(Issued in lieu of summer 2002 newsletter)

A. Conferences:
Since its creation in 1998-99, NIAASC has organized four full-day conferences on Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, Senior Housing, Health Care including long term health care, Family Conflicts Faced by Senior Immigrants, Process of Developing Senior Citizens Program by Community Organizations, Services Provided by Senior Citizen Service Providers, Respite Care, and Transportation. Speakers and panelists were experts in their fields and were drawn from professional agencies, both governmental & non-governmental.
NIAASC also provided technical and logistic support to India Association of Long Island (IALI) in organizing three luncheon conferences for seniors. With the help of AARP, Social Security Office, Senior Citizens Offices, and others, NIAASC provided material of interest to conference participants.

B. Information & Referral:
NIAASC has published its progress reports and /or newsletters on a regular basis every quarter since its inception. Articles and news releases on senior issues have appeared occasionally in Indian weekly newspapers and magazines in USA and Web sites.
NIAASC representatives along with leaders of ongoing senior citizen programs in the New York - New Jersey metro area have appeared averaging twice a year on 'Live and Call-In Programs' on ITV and entertained questions from the listeners. Its working relationship with Area Agencies on Aging, (front line support system for seniors in USA) has enabled NIAASC to assist seniors for referrals.

C. Communication Linkages:
Web site of NIAASC ( with useful linkages has been providing wealth of information. Its pamphlet: Guidelines for 'How to Set up Senior Citizen Program' has been of immense benefit to agencies and individuals throughout USA in developing programs for seniors. Its brochure has helped NIAASC to convey its message, goals and objectives effectively.
NIAASC has a toll free telephone number (1-866-6-NIAASC). It has been a productive instrument to seniors to seek information on specific issues and problems faced by them all over the United States. So far NIAASC has responded to about 45 individual problems through its toll free telephone and over 800 people have visited its web site.

D. Collaborations:
In addition to collaborating with IALI, the NIAASC has been instrumental in working with a number of other entities. Its continuing collaborative efforts with organizations in New York - New Jersey metro, have been well received by the community. Some of these organizations and groups are: Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), Indian American Kerala Center in Elmont, Hindu Temple in Queens, Senior Citizen groups in New Jersey, a senior group which meets regularly at the Vaishnav Temple in Queens and Jain Association in North America.

E. Professional Affiliations:
NIAASC has maintained its professional affiliation with a number of agencies and institutions for mutual understanding and benefit by: assisting in a study on Indian senior immigrants undertaken by the Penn State University; supporting a grant application by Long Island University- C W Post for training caregivers for frail elderly; supporting a grant application by the Asian American for Equality for expanding its program to cover Asian Indians; and a need-assessment study by South Asian Council for Social Services.

NIAASC has also cosponsored a number of activities such as responding to calamities like earthquake in India, September 11, 01 terrorists attack on USA, celebrations of India's Independence.

F. Future Activities in 2002:
NIAASC will continue with its ongoing collaborative efforts with Indian community groups to assist them in developing a senior citizen component in their regular activities. It will soon be organizing an 'Advocacy' workshop where community leaders from other organizations will be invited to participate. Its next full day conference is scheduled for fall 2002 and the subject will be 'Elder Law: Its implications and understanding by seniors'. Updating the web site and responding to questions by seniors and/or their families with appropriate referrals will stay as one of its priorities. Focus will also be to enroll individual and organization membership for expanding the NIAASC.