National Indo-American  Association for Senior Citizens

Our Work

What We Do

We serve as the leading national information, referral and advocacy organization committed to well being and quality of life of Indo-Americans in their senior years.
  • Creating awareness of Indo-American senior issues and needs.
  • Providing information on issues and services pertaining to Indo-American seniors
  • Advocacy at the local, state, and national levels on Indo-American senior issue
  • Forging collaborations with public and private service providers
  • Providing advisory support to Indian community, business and professional groups in developing senior programs and services
  • Working with Indian and other groups to create a store of information regarding senior issues and problems.
  • Educating the public by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences to address senior issues.

How We Do It

Provide Information & Referral
We aim to utilize our national network of senior services to provide value-added information and act as a referral source for Indo-American seniors
Develop Relationships with Service Providers
We’ve developed an extensive working relationship with many Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to connect seniors to valuable resources in their communities
Collaborate with Indian community organizations
We work with Indo-American organizations in providing the technical and logistic support in organizing activities for seniors

Our History

Highlights and Accomplishments of NIAASC over years.
  • 2019

    NIAASC Celebrated its 20th Anniversary in ShantiNiketan, Florida

  • 2014

    NIAASC Celebrated its 15th Anniversary in ShantiNiketan, Florida
  • 2009

    NIAASC Celebrated its 10th Anniversary in New York and Kerala Center.
  • 1999

    NIAASC was incorporated officially and received its non-profit 501C3 status

  • 1998

    Inception of NIAASC at dinner meeting, initiated by Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)



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